Why You Should Rent Instead of Buying a Home

There are times when it is better for people to rent than buy a house.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Home

1.  Job Security - You should make sure that your job is stable if you are going to avail of loans. If you suddenly lose your job in the middle of your amortization period you will lose your house to foreclosure and your previous payments will be for naught.

 You should also make sure that the monthly payment would not strain your current budget too much.

But if you are going to buy the house for a one time fee by means of your savings, these would not be a problem.

2. Relocation -  You should not buy a house if you are expecting to relocate soon. Selling a house when you are moving takes time and cost money in terms of hiring a real estate agent and fixing it so that it would be fit for sale.