Advantages of Owning a House

There are a lot of advantages when you are living in your own house.

1. Cheaper than renting

When you don't own your place you have to worry about paying rent every single month or else you will find yourself living in the street.

And sometimes it is really hard to get ahead when the money you could have spent for yourself goes to your landlord.

Also every year you have to factor in inflation and expect the rent to increase by 4%.

If you own your house you don't have to worry with these things.

2. Free to make improvements

There are times when you feel that your apartment could use some renovation. Perhaps you feel you need to expand a certain part of the house to accommodate your growing family.

Maybe you want to replace your roofing material because it easily leeks despite of numerous repairs.

But you realize that you shouldn't really do this because in the first place you don't really own the house.

And, if you do make improvements, it won't really benefit you .

When you leave, the landlord can then charge a better rent because of the improvements that you made.

This is one of the disadvantages when you don't own your house.

3. No dealing with unpleasant landlords

Again it is really hard to live in a house that you don't own. If something in the house needs to be fix you have to ask first the landlord. And if your landlord is stingy, you will have to live with that leaky faucet or you will have shoulder the cost of fixing it.

4. You can give your house to your children

If you own your house, you are free to include it in your will and give it later to your children.