Did you know that BORACAY makes it again to YAHOO! Travel's TOP 10 World's Best Beaches?

The island paradise welcomes over 400,000 local and foreign visitors each year from all over the world!

But according to the Department of Tourism, the island needs about 10,000 rooms but currently there are only 5,000 available. The shortage in accomodation facilities turns away thousands of tourists!

Now, YOU have the opportunity to help our country bring those tourists back!

Crown Regency Resort Boracay Condotel will give you an opportunity to own a piece of tropical island paradise through stock share ownership while responding to the demand for more accomodations in Boracay.


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  • Location: Crown Regency Resort Condotel is located along the main road of Central Boracay. Only 3min leisure walk to Station 2 Beach.
  • Capacity to earn substantial income in a growing industry.
  • Assurance of a vacation home with a breathtaking panoramic view of one of world's finest beaches
  • Access to the best facilities
a. Largest swimming pool in Boracay
b. 1,000 pax Ballrooms and Coference rooms
c. Fitness Gymn
d. Laundromat
e. Food and Beverage Outlets

Investors will purchase company stock share, one (1) stock share is equivalent to one (1) condotel unit. Units are designed on a 34 sqm to 59sqm.

Units are fully furnished with kitchen and standard hotel amenities.

Investors have the option to reside in their units or enroll in the Condotel operations managed by the expertise and experience of the Crown Regency chain of hotels and resorts.

The privileges in owning a unit
  • 45-day FREE stay at the resort every year for Condotel Enrollees. (Have an option to sell)
  • Membership to Club Ultima, a multi-billion-peso investment of Jking and Sons Company Inc., a modern and exceptional concept of a suburban club, offering state-of-the-art leisure, wellness and business services.
  • 7-day FREE stay at Club Ultima or any Crown Regency operated hotels nationwide annually
  • Investors could exchange their Club Ultima 7-day FREE stay in any of the 2,900 Interval International affiliated hotels and resorts (


50% DP - 50% (12mo to pay)P3.1MP3.4M
40% DP - 60% (12mo to pay)P3.2MP3.5M
30% DP - 70% (12mo to pay)P3.3MP3.6M
20% DP - 80% (12mo to pay)P3.4MP3.7M
10% DP - 90% (12mo to pay)P3.5MP3.8M
NO DP 12mo to pay)P3.6MP3.9M
10% DP - 90% (15mo to pay)P3.7MP4.0M
10% DP - 90% (18mo to pay)P3.8MP4.1M
10% DP - 90% (24mo to pay)P3.9MP4.2M
10% DP - 90% (30mo to pay)P4.0MP4.3M

*Existing CLUB ULTIMA owners
** Inclusive of CLUB ULTIMA membership

  • Investors could look forward to an estimated 5- year full return of their investment while enjoying the good life in Boracay or the privileges & benefits of being a member of Club Ultima and in all of its off-site facilities through the Crown Regency Hotel chain.
  • At a very conservative assumption of 60% occupancy rate at 320-Day for enrollment in Condotel operation, & US $100 rate/day, It still gives you a projected income of US $9,600/ year (PhP 441,600)

Example : 60% of 320 occupancy days
192 days x $100/day = US $ 19,200
Deduct approx 50% = US $ 9,600

And because of shortage in accomodation, we are expecting 80% occupancy rate in a year!

Ciel Palacio
E-mail: at