You Should Buy Philippine Property

According to an evaluation by a European property consultancy firm.

“Over the coming decade the housing market in the Philippines will likely go stronger and anyone who invests now could net up to 400-percent profit on their investment in the next 10 years.”

During the 1990s before the Asian currency crisis of ’97, the property sector was one of the bright spots of the Philippine economy. Back then reservations in Makati condominiums were hot and were traded like stocks. Those people involved in buying and selling of simple rights to purchase a condominium were doubling their money.  And mind you, we are just talking about the Makati area here.

Right now, we have the Ortigas, and Eastwood areas. And the real estate developments in Fort Bonifacio and Alabang are in full swing. 

And there are developments going on in Laguna, Cavite, and Rizal provinces. The Philippines real property market truly have not yet reached its peak.

In other words, you can buy a local condo for almost half, adjusted for inflation, of the price quoted in 1997.

That is why  many foreign investors and balikbayan are investing into local properties.

The good news is this business is now accessible to locals because of the various banks providing loans.  One of the programs you can check is the Banco de Oro Home Loan.